What Muslim Digital Community Organizers Learned From A Remote Ramadan

Young Muslims’ efforts to keep their communities connected during the holy month have birthed virtual iftars, Quran study groups, game nights and trivia nights on nearly every possible platform.

How Has The Coronavirus Affected Ramadan? For One Psychologist, It’s A Call To Action

The Chicago-based clinical psychologist practices Sufism, a school of Islam that emphasizes inward reflection and meditation.

The Silver Lining Of Being Quarantined During Ramadan

Being at home with family has made observing Islam’s holiest month a richer and deeper spiritual experience.

The Good, The Bad And The Hungry

AJ+ decided to ask some Muslims across America: What’s good? What’s not so good? And what’s keeping them hungry this stay-at-home Ramadan?

Mosque Provides Free Meals to Those in Need During Ramadan

This Virginia mosque is providing free meals to community members impacted by COVID-19 every single day of Ramadan.

A Ramadan And Eid In Isolation

"I am trying to help my family find their own special connection to the holy month this year."

What Ramadan Looks Like During Covid-19

It's usually around this time that Muslim international students would go home and celebrate Ramadan with their families.

Muslims Observing Ramadan Are Providing Critical Coronavirus Relief

Inspired by Ramadan, several Muslim organizations and individuals are donating their time and money to aid those hit hard by COVID-19.

Ramadan Acts Of Faith Seen During Covid-19

Members of the Muslim community adjust traditions while helping the needy during their holy month.

Fasting During A Pandemic: Ramadan Looks Different This Year For Essential Workers

Nearly 40 people around the world told BuzzFeed News that Ramadan is hammering home their isolation during the pandemic: They miss friends, family, and their mosques.
Celebrating Ramadan Before the Pandemic

Celebrating Ramadan Before The Pandemic

This year, Muslims all over the world are celebrating Ramadan like they’ve never experienced before.

For My First Ramadan As A Muslim, I Am Filling My Home With New Life

With mosques shuttered, community gatherings banned and the holy sites of Mecca and Medina closed, the world’s almost 2 billion Muslims are celebrating Ramadan in isolation for the first time.

For Muslims, Ramadan Is A Time Of Charity. This Year, Their Focus Is Coronavirus Relief

For Muslim Americans, giving is a priority during Ramadan, the Muslim holy month that began last week. But fundraising has been challenging because mosques – a focal point for donations during the holiday – are closed because of the outbreak.

New York City Muslims Work To Build Food Security During Ramadan

From Brooklyn to the Bronx, Muslim community organizations are building mutual aid networks to support Muslim families who need food, particularly during Ramadan, when many families rely on free nightly meals from local mosques.
People in Kuwait wear masks to protect against COVID-19 while shopping for the holy month of Ramadan [Anadolu/Jaber Abdulkhaleg]

Fasting During Ramadan Can Boost Your Immunity

Mosques are closed and lockdowns are in place, but this Ramadan may have some unexpected health benefits.

A Ramadan Like No Other: Images From Around The World

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing Muslims to adapt, observing the holy month more at home than in the mosque, more online than in person, and with greater uncertainty about the future.

As Ramadan Begins, Muslims (Mostly) Accede To Pandemic Orders

Islam’s most sacred sites were largely deserted as the holy month started, but Muslims in some places were resisting in ways that could spread the coronavirus.
Workers ride a tractor at the dates plantation near the Israeli settlement of Naama in the occupied West Bank on September 11, 2019 [File: Ronen Zvulun/Reuters]

Boycotting Israeli Dates Is Working And We Need To Keep Going

This Ramadan, make the right choice and do not buy dates from companies that exploit Palestinian land and labour.

NYC To Serve 500,000 Free Halal Meals To Muslims During Ramadan

New York City authorities will provide halal meals to 500,000 Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Doctors Are Begging Pakistan To Close Mosques Or Risk A Coronavirus Catastrophe

Pakistan’s leading doctors are begging the government to close mosques during Ramadan, fearing a catastrophic spike in coronavirus infections during the Muslim holy month.

Coronavirus: Spending Ramadan In Lockdown

Muslims are welcoming the holy month of Ramadan in lockdown due to coronavirus.