Muslim Women

Gisele Marie Rocha started her own heavy metal band in 2016, after fronting her brother’s band for four years.

‘Muslim Women Are Everything’ Turns The Page On Stereotypes

Dr. Seema Yasmin’s book, born from her frustration with narrow, one-sided narratives about Muslim women, breaks apart tired old tropes.

NYPD Can No Longer Force Muslim Women To Remove Hijabs In Mug Shots, Settlement Says

The New York Police Department will no longer require people who are arrested to remove religious headwear during mug shots as part of a settlement in a federal lawsuit.
Will Mandatory Face Masks End the Burqa Bans?

Will Mandatory Face Masks End The Burqa Bans?

As face coverings become the rule in public spaces, attitudes about head scarves may change.

Nora Illi, Swiss Muslim Convert Who Sparked Controversy, Dies At 35

Nora Illi, a Swiss convert to Islam who believed Muslim women should have the right to wear full-body veils and publicly challenged bans against them, died on March 23 in Bern, Switzerland. She was 35.

These Are The Faces Of Muslim Women Throughout History

Hossein Kamaly’s “A History of Islam in 21 Women.” A new book on Muslim women throughout history.