Amid A Crackdown On ‘Separatism’, How Do French Muslims Feel?

How do French Muslims feel as the gov’t ramps up efforts to regulate community spaces and groups.

Macron Says He Understands Muslims’ Shock Over Prophet Cartoons

French President Emmanuel Macron says he understands the ‘sentiments’ being expressed by the Muslim world over cartoons of Prophet Muhammad.
“We built our own separatism ourselves,” President Emmanuel Macron of France said on Friday.

Macron Vows Crackdown On ‘Islamist Separatism’ In France

President Emmanuel Macron’s speech addressed a deep-rooted problem in French society: its enduring difficulty to integrate significant parts of its large, nonwhite, Muslim population of immigrants and their descendants.

French Muslims Face A Cruel Coronavirus Shortage: Burial Grounds

For many immigrant families, the pandemic has halted the tradition of repatriating bodies to their country of origin, and finding a plot in France has become ever more difficult.

Macron Vows To Tackle ‘Political Islam’

President promises to end practice allowing foreign imams to teach French Muslims, saying Turkey is yet to accept rules.

Muslim Men Claimed They Were Fired Because Of Long Beards

Four Muslim men claimed they were fired from a French security firm because of their long beards.