A Group of Muslim Women Cook Meals For Exhausted Australian Firefighters

As bushfires raged around them, the ladies of the Australian Islamic Centre felt compelled to help out their community.

First Woman Muslim Chaplain Commissioned In The Us Military

The U.S. Air Force commissioned its first Muslim woman chaplain candidate last month, marking the first time the U.S. military will have a female chaplain of the Islamic faith.

Royal Derby Hospital: Disposable Sterile Hijabs Introduced

A hospital trust believes it is the first in the UK to introduce disposable sterile headscarves for staff to use in operating theatres.

Making Hope Amid Violence In Chicago’s Southside

Rebuilding A Chicago Neighborhood By Forging Connections To The Muslim Community

Ali Banat: The Young Man Who Donated His Entire Wealth Dies From Cancer

Ali Banat who described cancer as a 'gift' and donated his entire wealth to the needy dies from cancer.

US Mosques Are Become Greener During Ramadan

In the US, Muslims are making slow inroads toward a greener Ramadan.

Day In The Life Of An African-American Muslim

The Life of an African American Muslim Woman in Brooklyn.

The Polish-Muslim Community Settled In The Heart Of Europe

North-eastern Poland is home to a small Sunni Muslim community called Polish Tatars or Lipka Tatars, who have settled there for over 300 years.

You Might Be Eating Halal Meat And Not Even Know It

When it comes to serving halal, some retailers may be doing it, but don't trumpet that fact — at least in the United States.

Cleveland Made History By Electing First Muslim To City Council

Basheer Jones become the first Muslim City Councilman in Cleveland.

Muslim Mother Offered To Help Son’s Murderer

Suliman Abdul-Mutakallim was shot in the back of his head, as he walked home, carrying food for himself and his wife.

US Muslim Charity Clinic Treats Needy People of All Faiths

The Al-Shifa Clinic was founded in 2000. Al-Shifa is an Arabic word for "cure." A majority of the patients are non-Muslims.

Waterbury Mosque Opens Doors To Public

Muslims in Connecticut are trying to fight Islamophobia by offering an invitation to the public.

How A Muslim Community Is Fighting Islamophobia

‘Coffee, Cake, and True Islam’: How a Muslim Community Is Fighting Islamophobia.

Being A Latino Muslim In America

Latino Muslims are also the fastest growing segment of America's 3.3 million Muslims in the nation, 6% of whom are Latino.

This Foster Father Takes In Only Terminally Ill Children

Mohamed Bzeek, taking on a life mission that few others would consider: as a foster parent who cares solely for terminally ill children.

“Ambulance Dada” Helping Rural Patients Of India

For the last 15 years, Karimul Haque used his motorcycle as an ambulance and has saved more than 4,000 lives.

Meet The 70-Year-Old Whose Full-Time Job Is Cooking For The Needy

Sabariah Hussein, 70, cooks for up to 300 people a day, helping to feed the homeless or anyone who needs a hot meal.

Anti-Muslim Marches Try Spreading Fear, Inspire Countless Acts Of Love Instead

From Minneapolis to Seattle, Americans showed up for their Muslim neighbors this weekend.

The World’s First Solar-Powered Refugee Camp

Solar power is lighting up the night sky in Jordan and making life easier for the 20,000 Syrian refugees.