Across America, Muslims Are Becoming A Fixture On The Disaster Relief Landscape

Muslim American philanthropies are increasingly turning their volunteer efforts to emergency relief projects in the U.S.

Growing Up Muslim In A Post-9/11 Era

Reflections on growing up Muslim in the post-9/11 era, and it's impact ones identity.
Runna Othman and her husband, Mussttafa Shelo, celebrated their union with a gender-separate wedding.

For Some Muslim Couples, Gender-Separate Weddings Are The Norm

For some Muslim brides who observe the hijab, weddings, where men and women celebrate in different rooms, creates a space for guests to feel free, while also upholding tradition.

The Cost Of Worshiping At One Minnesota Mosque

Dar Al Farooq sought federal grants to protect the mosque and school from threats and harassment. The money didn’t come until an assault near the building landed an imam in the hospital.

Young, British And Somali At Cambridge University

As students return to universities around the world, four British-Somali students talk about navigating one of Britain’s most elite institutions: Cambridge University.

Non-Muslims Who Live Close To Muslims Are Less Likely To Be Islamophobic

Study finds non-Muslim Australians living in areas with high numbers of Muslims are less Islamophobic than the general populations of Sydney and Melbourne.

Afgan High School Girls Build A Ventilator Prototype

This high school robotics team comprised of Afghan girls invent a low-cost ventilator for Coronavirus patients.

Church Opens Doors To Muslim Worshippers So They Can Have A Place To Pray

"It is a great sign and it brings joy in Ramadan and joy amid this crisis," said Mohamed Taha Sabry, the mosque's imam.

From Illinois To Puerto Rico, Latino Muslims Navigate Faith And Quarantine Among Their Non-Muslim Families

In the wake of the pandemic, Latino Muslims are experiencing quarantine in households where they may be the only converts practicing Islam.

How Coronavirus Changed Ramadan For Muslims

These New York Muslims are fighting the consequences of COVID-19 and helping their communities in New York City during the holy month of Ramadan.
 Halal food boxes are distributed to those in need during Ramadan o in the Brooklyn borough of New York City [Spencer Platt/Getty Images/AFP]

With Mosques Closed, Nyc Muslims Find New Ways To Observe Ramadan

Unable to physically pray together this Ramadan, Muslim New Yorkers spend time preparing food for those in need.

Mosque Provides Free Meals to Those in Need During Ramadan

This Virginia mosque is providing free meals to community members impacted by COVID-19 every single day of Ramadan.

Prayer Mats, ‘Peppa Pig’ And Patience: How I’m Raising My Muslim Kids

Introducing the concept of God is daunting. For now, determination and a little humor will have to do.
Workers prepare shrouds to wrap bodies in the Central Jamia Mosque Ghamkol Sharif, which is currently being used as a temporary morgue in Birmingham, UK, April 21, 2020 [Carl Recine/Reuters]

Amid The Coronavirus, Bailing Out Mosques Is Essential

Mosques provide important community services that are needed now more than ever, but many may not survive without help.

Ramadan Acts Of Faith Seen During Covid-19

Members of the Muslim community adjust traditions while helping the needy during their holy month.

Fort Mcmurray Rallies To Support Muslim Community During Ramadan

People and businesses are rallying to support the Muslim community in Fort McMurray recover after widespread flooding that damaged many neighbourhoods.

For Muslims, Ramadan Is A Time Of Charity. This Year, Their Focus Is Coronavirus Relief

For Muslim Americans, giving is a priority during Ramadan, the Muslim holy month that began last week. But fundraising has been challenging because mosques – a focal point for donations during the holiday – are closed because of the outbreak.

New York City Muslims Work To Build Food Security During Ramadan

From Brooklyn to the Bronx, Muslim community organizations are building mutual aid networks to support Muslim families who need food, particularly during Ramadan, when many families rely on free nightly meals from local mosques.

Gift Drive For The Children Of Muslim Inmates Seeks To Serve The ‘Hidden Ummah’

the Muslim Prisoner Project is donating gifts to the children of imprisoned Muslims for the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Fitr, which will mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan in late May.

Nora Illi, Swiss Muslim Convert Who Sparked Controversy, Dies At 35

Nora Illi, a Swiss convert to Islam who believed Muslim women should have the right to wear full-body veils and publicly challenged bans against them, died on March 23 in Bern, Switzerland. She was 35.

Beloved Muslim Community Advocate Who Died Of Covid-19 Touched Thousands With Volunteer Work

A tireless volunteer, a beloved teacher, and to many more simply "Babu Uncle" — members of Muslim communities in Toronto and Halifax are grieving the loss of Husain Bhayat