Bangladesh fire: Thousands of homes destroyed in Dhaka slum

The fire broke out in a crowded shanty town and destroyed about 2,000 mostly tin homes. Bangladesh fire: Thousands of homes destroyed in Dhaka...

Myanmar’s Rohingya Refugees Face Protests In Bangladesh

Rohingya Refugees Driven From Myanmar Meet Hostility in Bangladesh.

Former Bangladesh PM Khaleda Zia Jailed For Five Years In Corruption Case

A Bangladeshi court has sentenced former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia to jail in a corruption case.

Rohingya Refugees Are Being Targeted By Human Traffickers In Bangladesh

Rohingya refugees are being increasingly targeted by human traffickers at camps in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Considers Sterilization For Rohingya Refugees

Authorities in Bangladesh plan to introduce a voluntary sterilization program for camps housing Rohingya refugees.