Australian Special Forces Involved In The Murder Of 39 Afghan Civilians

Australia finds evidence of war crimes in Afghanistan inquiry. The four-year inquiry began after local media reported special forces had killed unarmed men and children.

Afgan High School Girls Build A Ventilator Prototype

This high school robotics team comprised of Afghan girls invent a low-cost ventilator for Coronavirus patients.

U.S. Signs Agreement With The Taliban In Afghanistan

The U.S. and the Taliban have struck a deal that paves the way for eventual peace in Afghanistan.

Why These Veterans Are Demanding An End To War In Afghanistan

These veterans, who served in Afghanistan or were part of the support apparatus for the Afghan war, say the United States should withdraw all troops from Afghanistan.

What We, The Taliban, Want

I am convinced that the killing and the maiming must stop, the deputy leader of the Taliban writes.

Afghanistan: Scores killed in Kabul wedding blast

President Ashraf Ghani condemns 'inhumane attack' after suicide bombing kills at least 63 and wounds 182 others. Afghanistan: Scores killed in Kabul wedding blast thumbnail...

Scores Of Afghan Students Killed In Kabul Suicide Bombing

A series of attacks in Afghanistan have killed hundreds of people in the past week.

Swedish Student’s Attempt To Stop A Man Being Deported To Afghanistan

A video of the student’s attempt to stop a man being deported to Afghanistan has gone viral. She explains why she took a stand.

Kabul Military Academy Attacked, 11 Soldiers Dead

Afghanistan: Gunmen attack Kabul military academy.

11-Year-Old Has Spent Her Life In An Afghan Jail

Conceived, born, nursed and weaned in prison and will probably spend the rest of her childhood there as well.

Afghan Girls’ Robotics Win Contest In Europe

After a year of travel difficulties, project setbacks and family heartbreak, the girls’ robotics team from Afghanistan has made a comeback.

ICC Seeks To Investigate CIA, U.S. Military For Alleged War Crimes

The prosecutor of the ICC has asked judges to investigate war crimes by the US military and CIA in Afghanistan.

Afghan Girls’ Robotics Wins Silver

Group of girls from war-torn country, whose US visas were twice rejected, win silver medal for 'courageous achievement'.

Suicide Bomber Attacks Near Iraqi Embassy In Afghan Capital Kabul

A suicide bomber attacked a police compound and the nearby Iraqi embassy in Kabul on Monday, security officials in the Afghan capital said.