Swedish Man Who Walked 3,000 Miles To Occupied Palestine, Denied Entry By Israel

After walking for 5,000 kilometers and being denied entry into Palestine by Israeli forces, Swedish activist Benjamin Ladraa was granted Palestinian citizenship by leader Mahmoud Abbas. “This step is taken to appreciate Ladraa’s efforts and his position to support the Palestinian people,” the Palestinian leader said according to a Wafa news agency report.

“I see Israel’s rejection of my visit as the ultimate proof that my activism is working. I see the rejection paper they handed me as one of the finest diplomas you can get as an activist, because it means they fear your activism.”

Ladraa’s #walktopalestine, also a popular hashtag, was initiated to raise awareness about human rights violations taking place in the occupied territories. “It began after I met some Palestinians in Sweden; we became friends and I became interested in where they are from and what is happening in Palestine,” the activist recounted.

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