Despite facing near-death experiences in 2004 and 2005 from two mild strokes which left her in a coma, at 70, Sabariah Hussein, a Malaysian citizen living in Montreal, Canada, still has the drive and devotion to stand on her two feet to cook for the needy.

Every five days during the Ramadan, she, along with a team of 20 volunteers, would cook in her apartment, for up to 300 homeless people, including refugees.

“I consider this a job with Allah because I’m not paid,” she explained of her full-time job.

Apart from running her own women’s shelter called Our Second Home, Sabariah also works closely with River’s Edge Community Church and Unity Church, as well as five other mosques in the area; proving that race and religion is no barrier to feeding the unfortunate.

“In Islam, you have to be united, more than ever. That’s why I want to do something good. I’m not seeking popularity, but I want people to know that we Muslims are good people, too, that we do a lot, too,” she told Montreal Gazette.