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What You Need To Know About Afghan Taliban Peace Talks

The Afghan government and the Taliban have begun historic peace talks aimed at ending decades of war.

A Century-Old Treaty Haunts The Mediterranean

A hundred years ago, French, British and Italian officials convened in a famous porcelain factory southwest of Paris to carve up the Ottoman Empire.

For My First Ramadan As A Muslim, I Am Filling My Home With New Life

With mosques shuttered, community gatherings banned and the holy sites of Mecca and Medina closed, the world’s almost 2 billion Muslims are celebrating Ramadan in isolation for the first time.

As Covid-19 Spreads In Gaza, It’s Time To Lift The Siege

Doctors and nurses in Gaza face challenges more daunting than most due to the Israeli-led siege imposed on the overcrowded coastal territory more than a decade ago.

Islamic State Detainees Mutiny At Prison In Syria

U.S.-backed Kurdish forces said the prison was brought under control after militants seized parts of the facility.

Muslims May Not Be Able To Visit Holy Sites In Saudi Arabia

Thousands of Muslims may not be able to visit holy sites in Saudi Arabia because of coronavirus.

Robert Saleh’s Rise To The Super Bowl Began In A Muslim Community Where Football Is King

A Muslim Arab-American of Lebanese descent, Saleh grew up in Dearborn, where Football is king, just like any other city or town in Michigan.

I Can Never Forget The Bosnian Genocide. But Others Are Trying To Rewrite History

Scholars, journalists and prize committees are rewriting the history of the horrors that I and so many others lived through.

Scores Of Afghan Students Killed In Kabul Suicide Bombing

A series of attacks in Afghanistan have killed hundreds of people in the past week.

China’s Muslim ‘Reeducation’ Camps

Inmates faced endless brainwashing and humiliation and forced to study communist propaganda for hours every day.

Muslim Students Attacked At Mcdonalds

‘You don’t deserve American food!’ A man was arrested after he threatened a group of International students from Egypt.

Macy’s New Fashion Line Aimed At Muslim Women

Maxi dresses, cardigans and hijabs: Essentials in Macy’s new fashion line aimed at Muslim women.

Israel Has Attacked Several Military Outposts Near The Syrian Capital

Syria’s military accused Israel of launching missiles targeting its outposts near Damascus.

Iran Protests And Death Toll Grow As Tension Rises

Six days of demonstrations — which have left at least 20 people dead — showed no signs of easing as the anger from the streets found new targets.

Sexual Abuse Pervasive In Pakistan Islamic Schools

An AP investigation has found sexual abuse is a pervasive and longstanding problem at madrassas in Pakistan.