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NYPD Can No Longer Force Muslim Women To Remove Hijabs In Mug Shots, Settlement Says

The New York Police Department will no longer require people who are arrested to remove religious headwear during mug shots as part of a settlement in a federal lawsuit.

‘I Thought We Were Going To Die.’ Muslim Mom Recounts SUV Attack In NJ

She sat in shock in her Toyota Camry, gripping the steering wheel with white knuckles, her 16-year-old son beside her. A second earlier, an SUV had sped up in the Carvel parking lot and slammed into the driver’s side of her car – intentionally.

Saudi Arabia Halts Travel To Holy Sites Of Mecca, Medina

Saudi Arabia has suspended pilgrimages to Mecca and Medina for people outside the country over novel coronavirus fears.

Moroccans Using Risky Route Along Atlantic Ocean

Migrants dying in clandestine travel is all too common in Morocco, but the 45 Zenata deaths bore a particularly desperate complexion.