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How will Yemen cope with Covid-19?

The UN says that coronavirus could have deadly consequences for Yemen, but it’s not the only war the country is fighting.

Palestinians Are Trapped Between Israeli Occupation And Coronavirus

In the Israeli-occupied West Bank, people are living through double isolation amid a one-month state of emergency.

Idlib: 4 Million People Are Trapped. What Awaits Them?

More than 4 million people are stranded in Idlib between a brutal offensive by the Syrian regime and its allies and the freezing winter.

International Crisis Looms As 700,000 Flee Syria’s Idlib

Backed by Russian air power, Syrian regime forces have advanced on Idlib at a rapid clip since last week.

How Arab Leaders Abandoned Muslim Causes

Arab governments have become co-signatories to some of the worst acts committed by powerful nation-states against a targeted religious faith since the Holocaust.