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Moving Past Inshallah: What Muslims Want To See In A Biden Presidency

For the last 20 years, American Muslims have been on a cruel roller coaster ride with presidential candidates and the two major political parties in general.

Across America, Muslims Are Becoming A Fixture On The Disaster Relief Landscape

Muslim American philanthropies are increasingly turning their volunteer efforts to emergency relief projects in the U.S.

Poll: Muslim American Support For Trump Rises, But Most Plan To Vote For Biden

Muslim support for President Donald Trump nearly doubled in 2020 compared with a year ago, with 30% of Muslims willing to vote for the president, a new poll shows.

Joy Reid Is Plain Wrong, Muslims Are Some Of Our Most Peaceful Citizens

Joy Reid compared President Donald Trump’s seeming support for those committing violence at protests to “the way Muslims act.”

Mosques Across America Dedicate Friday Sermons To Confronting Racism, Police Brutality

On Friday, a wave of mosques will dedicate their Jummah sermons to preaching against anti-black racism and police brutality.

From Illinois To Puerto Rico, Latino Muslims Navigate Faith And Quarantine Among Their Non-Muslim Families

In the wake of the pandemic, Latino Muslims are experiencing quarantine in households where they may be the only converts practicing Islam.

New York City Muslims Work To Build Food Security During Ramadan

From Brooklyn to the Bronx, Muslim community organizations are building mutual aid networks to support Muslim families who need food, particularly during Ramadan, when many families rely on free nightly meals from local mosques.

Gift Drive For The Children Of Muslim Inmates Seeks To Serve The ‘Hidden Ummah’

the Muslim Prisoner Project is donating gifts to the children of imprisoned Muslims for the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Fitr, which will mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan in late May.

Muslim Groups Join Forces To Raise $500,000 For Coronavirus Relief Grants

A Muslim-led crowdfunding campaign has raised nearly $500,000 to offer micro-grants to low-income American families whose livelihoods have been hurt by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

London’s New Faith Hub Is Building Young Muslims A Bridge Back To The Mosque

Founded by three young Muslim men in London one year ago, Faith offers a community space that facilitates spiritual growth while prioritizing fellowship, openness, accessibility and relevance.

A Priest’s Anti-Muslim Comments Reveal US Catholics’ Islamophobia Problem

Calling Islam “the greatest threat” to Christianity and to America, the Rev. Nick VanDenBroeke argued that Muslim immigration to the United States should be curtailed.

Does The President Believe The Religious Liberty Of All Citizens Of The US Deserves Protection?

To an imam and a rabbi, the State of the Union address Tuesday night was not reassuring.

Trump Curbs Immigration For 6 Nations In Election-Year Push

Officials said immigrants from Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Eritrea, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania will face new restrictions in obtaining certain visas to come to the United States.

First Woman Muslim Chaplain Commissioned In The Us Military

The U.S. Air Force commissioned its first Muslim woman chaplain candidate last month, marking the first time the U.S. military will have a female chaplain of the Islamic faith.