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Charlie Hebdo Republishes Cartoons Of Prophet Muhammad That Prompted 2015 Attack

The decision by the French satirical magazine to recirculate cartoons about the Prophet Muhammad and Islam coincides with the start of a long-awaited trial for the attack that killed 11 of its staff.

Opinion: For Israel And Palestine, Equality In A One-State Solution

"For decades I argued for separation between Israelis and Palestinians. Now, I can imagine a Jewish home in an equal state."

OPINION: I Wish I’d Had ‘Ramy’ When I Was A Kid

“Ramy” is a Hulu series starring the comedian Ramy Youssef. Tt’s about a confused Muslim millennial trying to reconcile his Islamic faith, Egyptian traditions while living in New Jersey.

How Delhi’s Police Turned Against Muslims

More evidence has emerged that the Indian police took part in violence against Muslims or stood aside during fighting in the capital last month.

What We, The Taliban, Want

I am convinced that the killing and the maiming must stop, the deputy leader of the Taliban writes.

Myanmar Must Protect Rohingya Muslims, U.N. Court Rules

The injunction was issued by the International Court of Justice at The Hague, where accusations of genocide have been brought against the Southeast Asian country.

Wives And Children Of ISIS

A rare visit to the largest of these camps, known as Roj, Kurdish where officials were allowed to interview the wives and children of ISIS soldiers.

Denmark Is Introducing Harsh New Laws Aimed Majority-Muslim “Ghettos”

Denmark is introducing a harsh new set of laws aimed at “ghettos” as part of a bid to force residents in the majority-Muslim enclaves into the mainstream.

American Muslims And Their Guns

American Muslims own guns for the same reasons as anyone else: for protection, for hunting and sport shooting, for gun and rifle collections or for their work.

The Rise Of The Muslim Woman Tech Entrepreneur

The number of women at work across the Muslim world is swelling. Across the 30 largest emerging-market Muslim countries, 155 million women are working.

War In Syria Escalates

The conflict has broken into several small wars, and the carnage is reaching a new peak, upending any assumptions it might be nearing an end.

11-Year-Old Has Spent Her Life In An Afghan Jail

Conceived, born, nursed and weaned in prison and will probably spend the rest of her childhood there as well.

Afghan Girls’ Robotics Win Contest In Europe

After a year of travel difficulties, project setbacks and family heartbreak, the girls’ robotics team from Afghanistan has made a comeback.

Deadly Bombing at Mosque in Nigeria

A suicide bomber set off explosives on Tuesday during morning prayers in a small, crowded mosque in northeastern Nigeria.

15 Dead After Food Stampede In Morocco

15 women died and five were wounded in a stampede during a food distribution in rural Morocco.