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Majority Of Muslims Voted For Biden

Majority Of Muslims Voted For Biden, But Trump Got More Support Than He Did In 2016.

Muslim Comics Gather Over Zoom To Celebrate Eid With Jokes And Joy

The stand-up comedians come from different occupations and backgrounds, including award-winning performers based in South Africa and the U.K.

What Ramadan Looks Like During Covid-19

It's usually around this time that Muslim international students would go home and celebrate Ramadan with their families.

What Comes Next As Netanyahu Rises Just Short Of A Majority

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's longest-serving prime minister, claimed victory in Monday's election but it was not clear whether he could muster a governing majority.

U.S. Signs Agreement With The Taliban In Afghanistan

The U.S. and the Taliban have struck a deal that paves the way for eventual peace in Afghanistan.

Shootings In Germany Kill 10; Police Suspect Far-Right Extremism

The suspect had reportedly posted materials online that were vehemently anti-immigrant, prompting federal prosecutors to take over the case.

Architect Of CIA’s Torture Program Says It Went Too Far

One of the architects of the CIA's torture program testified that those torture techniques had gone too far and verged on breaking the law.

Israeli Prime Minister’s Wife, Is Charged With Fraud

Sara Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's wife, is charged with fraud and breach of trust

You Might Be Eating Halal Meat And Not Even Know It

When it comes to serving halal, some retailers may be doing it, but don't trumpet that fact — at least in the United States.

Trump Signs Order To Keep Prison At Guantanamo Bay Open

President Trump on Tuesday signed an executive order to keep open the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay.

Tensions Rise Between Pakistan And U.S. After President Trump’s Tweet

Pakistan reacted angrily to President Trump's first tweet of 2018, in which he accused the country of taking billions of dollars in U.S. aid while continuing to harbor militants.

Aid Begins To Filter Back Into Yemen, As Saudi-Led Blockade Eases

Yemeni ports of entry are beginning to see some desperately needed shipments of food and humanitarian aid.

The US Will Says It’s Staying In Syria

Pentagon Says It's Staying In Syria, Even Though ISIS Appears Defeated.

Boston Launches Anti-Islamophobia Poster Campaign

The city of Boston is launching a poster campaign to fight Islamophobia by encouraging bystanders to intervene, in a nonconfrontational way, if they witness anti-Muslim harassment.