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Son Of Egypt’s Former President Morsi ‘Killed With Lethal Substance’

Abdullah Morsi, 25, was already dead when his body was taken to hospital last year, according to new 'credible information'

Biden Campaign’s Attacks On Linda Sarsour Alienate Muslim Voters, Activists Say

Muslim advocates say the campaign's statement against Sarsour shows disregard for Muslim voters who may play key role in November's election.

Trinidad And Tobago Elections: Muslim Community At Political Crossroads

Muslims feature heavily in some battleground seats, but community leaders say they lack a national vision.

USAID Urged To Fire New Religious Adviser Over Anti-Muslim Posts

Mark Kevin Lloyd referred to Islam as 'barbaric cult' and 'violent in its doctrine and practice,' while serving Trump campaign

Islamophobia Heard Loud And Clear In Canada’s Adhan Controversy

Cities exempting mosques from noise bylaws to allow the call to prayer during Ramadan have sparked a backlash in some quarters.

New York Muslims Raise Concerns About Substandard Ramadan Meals

Some meals distributed to Muslim residents across city were military rations from US defence contractor.

Muslim Detainee’s Family Issues Plea For Help As Ice Detention Centres Report Coronavirus Cases

Ibrahim Mohammad was scheduled to be released from US prison last month but is now languishing at ICE facility amid Covid-19.

Bernie Sanders Transformed Debate Around Palestine. What Comes Next?

Arab-American activists pay homage to Sanders' campaign and vow to continue organising for justice at home and abroad

With Mosques Shut, Muslims Turn To Technology For Their Spiritual Needs

The spread of the coronavirus has affected Muslims across the world, with religious leaders making adjustments to longstanding traditions to contain the spread of the disease.

Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia Says Prayers To Continue At Mecca And Medina

The kingdom, which has 171 confirmed cases, has banned congregational prayers at all other mosques.

Bibi Is Watching You: Israel Sends In The Spies To Tackle Coronavirus

Surveillance measures proposed by Benjamin Netanyahu under the guise of pandemic threaten a system of governance already on life support

Coronavirus: Jordan Prison Riot Leaves Two Dead After Visits Banned

A prison riot in Jordan left two dead on Sunday after visits were banned over coronavirus fears. The two died in a riot at a facility in Irbid province

Saudi Arabia Widens Crackdown, Detains 298 Public Officials

Saudi Arabia announced the detention of hundreds of government officials, including military and security officers, on charges involving bribery and exploiting public office, and said investigators would bring charges against them.

Palestinian Teenager Killed By Israeli Soldiers In West Bank

A Palestinian teenager was shot dead and 112 people were wounded by Israeli soldiers during clashes over an ancient site that settlers have tried to seize from Palestinian villagers.

Bernie Sanders Says He Will Skip AIPAC Conference

Leading Democratic presidential candidate says pro-Israel group provides platform for 'bigotry'

‘We Want Our Voices Heard’: Muslims In Maryland Showcase The Power Of Door-To-Door Lobbying

Muslims from across Maryland converged on the state capital and found some lawmakers willing to listen

Arab Leaders Fully Support India’s Settler-Colonial Project In Kashmir

It has been more than two weeks since India issued a decree that stripped Kashmir of its semi-autonomous status, and the region remains under lockdown.

The Imam Of The Grand Mosque, Heckled For Supporting War In Yemen

The Imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, is heckled for supporting Saudi Arabia's war on Yemen and the Qatar blockade.