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Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf ― seen here during the BIG3 basketball league championship in August 2017 in Las Vegas ― says he need

Protest Cost Him His Career. Still, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf Urges On The Protesters

Nearly 24 years ago, basketball star Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf knew he had to stand up for his beliefs, even if it was going to cost him his NBA career.
Shafat Uddin and his father, AKM Monir Uddin. Shafat couldn

Muslims Struggle To Honor Funeral Rituals During The Coronavirus Crisis

Muslims are being forced to mourn alone as the pandemic upends the tradition of community funerals.
Equality Labs, a South Asian digital human rights group based in the U.S., tracked hundreds of anti-Muslim hashtags.

Anti-Muslim Propaganda Is Seeping Into Online Discourse About The Coronavirus

Far-right groups and websites across the globe have taken advantage of people’s fears and vulnerabilities in order to push conspiracy theories and spread Islamophobic propaganda.

By Targeting Africans, Trump’s Muslim Ban Is Even More Racist

Advocates say it’s no coincidence these nations were targeted, especially in light of Trump’s comments about Africans.

Muslims Raise Over $100,000 In Bail Funds To Free Detained Migrant Parents

American Muslims have raised over $100,000 this month to help migrant parents detained by the U.S. government post bail and reunite with their kids.

Donald Trump Has Never Stopped Lying About Muslims

The ten worst lies told by Donald Trump about Muslims.

Anti-Muslim Marches Try Spreading Fear, Inspire Countless Acts Of Love Instead

From Minneapolis to Seattle, Americans showed up for their Muslim neighbors this weekend.