A Group of Muslim Women Cook Meals For Exhausted Australian Firefighters

As bushfires raged around them, the ladies of the Australian Islamic Centre felt compelled to help out their community.

Thousands protest for Kashmir, ahead of Security Council meeting

Thousands of people surrounded the Indian High Commission in central London on Thursday in support of Kashmir, ahead of a planned closed-door consultation by...

Muslim Nations Are Defending China As It Cracks Down On Muslims

Muslim nations are defending China as it cracks down on Muslims, shattering any myths of Islamic solidarity.

1 In 4 Muslim Women Pushed On A Subway Platform

1 in 4 Muslim women in New York say they've been pushed on a subway platform while wearing a hijab.

UN Reaches Deal With Myanmar To Repatriate Rohingya Refugees

Myanmar and the United Nations have reached a deal to work together to repatriate hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims.

Heatwave kills at least 65 in Pakistan

Hotter than average temperatures have killed at least 65 people in just three days in Karachi, Pakistan.

Why 80% of American Muslims fast during Ramadan

Omar Suleiman on Why 80% of American Muslims fast during Ramadan. (It's not about the food.)

The Muslim Travel Ban: One Year Later

Imam Omar Suleiman, reflects on the travel ban one year later.

US Cuts Funding For Palestinians

The US has announced that it will hold back more than half the foreign aid that supports Palestinians.

Turkey Has Own Embassy Plans For Jerusalem

Erdogan defies Trump, says Turkey has own embassy plans for Jerusalem.

Libya Opens Investigation Into Slave Auctions

Libyan authorities have launched an investigation into slave auctions.

Saudi Arabia Launches Luxury Red Sea Beach Resorts Plan

Saudi Arabia's ambitious plan to develop part of it's west coast into a luxury beach destination.