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Inside A Xinjiang Detention Camp

In a lush countryside idyll known for its horse farms and fields of yellow flowers, China built a system of total control.

A Muslim 19-Year-Old Received A Starbucks Cup With “ISIS” Written On It

A Muslim teenager has filed a human rights complaint after a barista at a Minnesota Starbucks gave her a cup with “ISIS” written on it instead of her name.

Fasting During A Pandemic: Ramadan Looks Different This Year For Essential Workers

Nearly 40 people around the world told BuzzFeed News that Ramadan is hammering home their isolation during the pandemic: They miss friends, family, and their mosques.

Coronavirus Cases Can Be Traced Back To A Single Mosque And Now 200 Million Muslims Are Being Vilified

Six COVID-19 deaths have been linked to a religious gathering in March. It’s led to a huge spike in anti-Muslim narratives and misinformation.

A Leading Activist In Britain’s Muslim Community Has Died Of The Coronavirus

Fuad Nahdi, a prominent British Muslim journalist and activist who published an influential Muslim-focused magazine died on March 21 after being infected by the coronavirus.