Articles by Bklyner

US Muslims Urged To Speak Up Against Racism

“My message to the Muslim community is, stop looking at this like it’s an African-American problem. This is a problem of humanity.”

Muslims Against Police Brutality Protest: Bay Ridge To Barclays Center

There were women in hijabs, children perched on their dad’s shoulder, and Black Muslims standing in the front, leading it all. They were chanting “Black Lives Matter” and holding posters that read, “Justice for George Floyd.”

Muslims And Jews Struggle To Observe Burial Traditions As Loved Ones Die In The Pandemic

When a Muslim or Jew dies, their body is taken to a funeral home where it is washed in a particular way, in accordance with the religion, and then shrouded before the funeral which has to happen within hours of death.

Life Of A Cabbie In The Age Of Coronavirus: The Bills Keep Coming

As the coronavirus forced people to stay home and quarantine to help reduce the spread, the cab drivers are facing a work shortage.