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Coronavirus In Gulf States: No Warm Greetings, No Mosque Prayers

Life turns upside down in Gulf region as more than 870 COVID-19 cases are recorded across six GCC nations.

Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque Shut As Precaution Against Coronavirus

Holy mosque and Dome of the Rock have closed, but Muslim prayer will still be held outdoors in the Al-Aqsa compound.

Retaliatory Air Raids Hit Iraqi Targets After Attack On Us Troops

Iraqi airport under construction in the city of Karbala reportedly among the locations targeted by the United States.

Michigan Muslim Americans Rally Around Sanders On Primary Eve

Michigan has one of the largest concentrations of Muslims in the US, and Bernie Sanders enjoys wide support among them.

Mohammed Bin Salman: The Dark Side Of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince

Touted as Saudi Arabia's progressive reformer, Mohammed bin Salman has an ominous human rights record.

All You Need To Know About Latest Saudi Crackdown

Royals and aides held in latest purge seen as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's attempt to further consolidate power.

Greek Police Fire Tear Gas As Migrants Seek To Enter From Turkey

Latest flare-up on Turkish-Greek land border comes as Erdogan orders coastguard to prevent Aegean Sea crossings.

Suicide Attack Targets US Embassy

One policeman killed and others wounded in capital Tunis, interior ministry says, as bombers blow themselves up.

Coronavirus Is Changing The Way Muslims Worship Across The World

Saudi bans Umrah pilgrimage, Iran cancels Friday prayers and Singapore Muslims are urged to bring own mats to mosques.

US Conducts First Air Strike Against Taliban Since Peace Deal

US carries out attack in Helmand province days after the two sides signed a deal aimed at ending war in Afghanistan.

Hundreds Rally In US Cities Against Anti-Muslim Violence In Delhi

Hundreds rally in US cities against anti-Muslim violence in Delhi | USA News | Al Jazeera  

Jordan Reports First Confirmed Coronavirus Case

Jordan becomes latest country in the Middle East to be hit coronavirus case.

Hundreds Rally In US Cities Against Anti-Muslim Violence In Delhi

Indian Americans organise protests after violence in the Indian capital that was worst since 1984.

22 Turkish Soldiers Killed In Syrian Gov’t Air Raid In Idlib

Turkish army retaliates with artillery fire at Syrian government targets, promising to 'respond in kind'.

Saudis, UAE Funnelled Millions To Trump 2016 Campaign

Lebanese-American fugitive CEO claims Saudi Arabia and UAE had deal with Trump to cripple Iranian oil industry.

The Trump Plan Threatens The Status Quo At Al-Haram Al-Sharif

The plan could pave the way for an Israeli takeover of the holy site in Jerusalem.

A Bernie Sanders Presidency Could Be A Nightmare For Saudi Arabia

Mohammed bin Salman has put all his eggs in Trump's basket, but what happens if the US leadership changes?

Ryanair Boss Calls For Extra Checks On Muslim Men At Airports

Michael O'Leary sparks outrage after suggesting Muslim men should be singled out for extra scrutiny at airports.

Malcolm X Is Still Misunderstood

Fifty-five years after his assassination at the Audubon Ballroom in New York, we still get much wrong about Malcolm X.

International Fears Grow With Virus Deaths In Italy, South Korea

Five people have died in Iran while in South Korea a spike in new cases took the total number of infections to 433.

Calls Grow For Bloomberg To Apologise For Surveillance Of Muslims

In video recording, Bloomberg falsely states NYPD only entered mosques when it was asked by imams to do so.