She Was Tricked As A Teen Into Prostitution

Nodi was 14 years old when she says she was deceived and sold into one of the world's biggest brothels.

Palestinians Worry For Livelihoods As Covid-19 Cripples Blockaded Gaza

The coronavirus crisis has deteriorated the already-low quality of life for Palestinians in Gaza. Without a recovery plan free from siege, it will get worse.

Muslim Comics Gather Over Zoom To Celebrate Eid With Jokes And Joy

The stand-up comedians come from different occupations and backgrounds, including award-winning performers based in South Africa and the U.K.

What Muslim Digital Community Organizers Learned From A Remote Ramadan

Young Muslims’ efforts to keep their communities connected during the holy month have birthed virtual iftars, Quran study groups, game nights and trivia nights on nearly every possible platform.

Muslims Perform Socially Distanced Eid Prayers At German Ikea Parking Lot

Around 700 Muslims celebrated Eid al-Fitr with socially distant prayers at an Ikea parking lot in Wetzlar, Germany

Church Opens Doors To Muslim Worshippers So They Can Have A Place To Pray

"It is a great sign and it brings joy in Ramadan and joy amid this crisis," said Mohamed Taha Sabry, the mosque's imam.

From Illinois To Puerto Rico, Latino Muslims Navigate Faith And Quarantine Among Their Non-Muslim Families

In the wake of the pandemic, Latino Muslims are experiencing quarantine in households where they may be the only converts practicing Islam.
Eid will be celebrated in most countries on Sunday [Ulet Ifansasti/Reuters]

Eid: End Of Ramadan Celebrations Go Virtual Amid Coronavirus

Muslims globally find online alternatives to celebrate Eid amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Palestinians In Gaza Celebrate Eid Al-Fitr

While most of the Muslim world marked Eid al-Fitr under lockdown, Gaza celebrated in style, with new clothes, fresh date cookies and 100 day salted fish.

Eid Al-Fitr: One Of The Happiest Times For Muslims Will Be A Somber Affair

The coronavirus pandemic took praying in congregation and breaking fast with loved ones off the table, leaving many feeling lonely this holy month.

These Syrians Found Refuge. Then Came More Bombs

Millions of Syrians have fled to Idlib Province seeking safety.

How Has The Coronavirus Affected Ramadan? For One Psychologist, It’s A Call To Action

The Chicago-based clinical psychologist practices Sufism, a school of Islam that emphasizes inward reflection and meditation.

How Coronavirus Changed Ramadan For Muslims

These New York Muslims are fighting the consequences of COVID-19 and helping their communities in New York City during the holy month of Ramadan.

Prayer During The Coronavirus Pandemic

eople of faith around the world are turning to prayer during the Covid-19 pandemic. But why exactly do we pray? It turns out, prayer isn’t just about religion.

Will Mandatory Face Masks End The Burqa Bans?

As face coverings become the rule in public spaces, attitudes about head scarves may change.

Sri Lanka Is Using Coronavirus To Stigmatise Muslims

Sri Lanka's decision to make cremations mandatory for COVID-19 victims is an act of institutionalised Islamophobia.

The Silver Lining Of Being Quarantined During Ramadan

Being at home with family has made observing Islam’s holiest month a richer and deeper spiritual experience.

With Mosques Closed, Nyc Muslims Find New Ways To Observe Ramadan

Unable to physically pray together this Ramadan, Muslim New Yorkers spend time preparing food for those in need.

The Good, The Bad And The Hungry

AJ+ decided to ask some Muslims across America: What’s good? What’s not so good? And what’s keeping them hungry this stay-at-home Ramadan?

Mosque Provides Free Meals to Those in Need During Ramadan

This Virginia mosque is providing free meals to community members impacted by COVID-19 every single day of Ramadan.

In Jerusalem, Ramadan Restrictions Last Seen During The Crusades Return

The last time Muslim worshipers were kept out of the Aqsa Mosque compound throughout the entire month of Ramadan was when crusaders controlled Jerusalem in the Middle Ages.

A Ramadan And Eid In Isolation

"I am trying to help my family find their own special connection to the holy month this year."

What Ramadan Looks Like During Covid-19

It's usually around this time that Muslim international students would go home and celebrate Ramadan with their families.