Saudi Arabia Asks Muslims To Put Hajj Plans On Hold Amid Virus

Saudi Arabia asked Muslims to put on hold plans to perform the obligatory annual Hajj pilgrimage this year as the kingdom grapples with the coronavirus.

Coronavirus Cases Can Be Traced Back To A Single Mosque And Now 200 Million Muslims Are Being Vilified

Six COVID-19 deaths have been linked to a religious gathering in March. It’s led to a huge spike in anti-Muslim narratives and misinformation.

Muslims And Jews Struggle To Observe Burial Traditions As Loved Ones Die In The Pandemic

When a Muslim or Jew dies, their body is taken to a funeral home where it is washed in a particular way, in accordance with the religion, and then shrouded before the funeral which has to happen within hours of death.

Doctor’s Note: Why Are Young People Dying From Coronavirus?

A doctor explains that youthful immune systems can go into overdrive when fighting COVID-19 and this can prove fatal.

Three Muslim Doctors Died Working On The Frontlines Of The NHS In Its Fight Against Coronavirus

In the UK three Muslim doctors losing their lives to coronavirus in the space of a week.

What The Coronavirus Lockdown Looks Like From Space

Before and after satellite images show the impact of coronavirus containment measures on cities worldwide.

A Leading Activist In Britain’s Muslim Community Has Died Of The Coronavirus

Fuad Nahdi, a prominent British Muslim journalist and activist who published an influential Muslim-focused magazine died on March 21 after being infected by the coronavirus.

871 Attacks Reported Against Muslims In Germany In 2019

Some 871 attacks targeted the Muslim community in Germany last year, according to a report by a German daily Sunday.

Islamophobia-A Global Phenomenon

From Xinjiang to Germany: how did Islamophobia become a global phenomenon?

Islamic Center Of Naperville Youth Launches Food Delivery Service For Seniors

The Islamic Center of Naperville Youth posted a message on Facebook March 16 extending free home delivery for seniors in the Naperville area who are physically unable to shop or choose not to leave their homes because of coronavirus concerns.

Amir Khan Offers His Wedding Venue To The NHS As Coronavirus Hospital

Amir Khan offers up his wedding venue to the NHS as makeshift hospital amid coronavirus pandemic.

Muslim And Jewish Paramedics Pause To Pray Together

One Of Many Inspiring Moments In The Coronavirus Crisis. For the colleagues, the joint prayer was nothing new. For others, it was an inspiring image.

Defectors Tell Of Torture And Forced Sterilization In Militant Iranian Cult

Interviews with defectors, including several who held senior positions, offer the most detailed account to date of what life was like inside the MEK.

How A Shoemaker Started The West Bank’s Only Mask Factory Overnight

What started as an experiment days after the coronavirus outbreak in the West Bank is now a factory producing thousands of masks a day.

Rights Group: Children In Egypt Tortured In Detention

In new report, Human Rights Watch claims Egyptian security forces tortured children as young as 12 in custody.

Israel’s Caging Of Gaza Is A Recipe For Coronavirus Disaster

The pandemic's arrival threatens to make Gaza even more unlivable under Israeli siege. Humanitarian aid is not enough — Palestinians need freedom.

An Islamic Approach to Environmentalism

Moroccan-born cleric Mufty Imam Tajuddin H. Alhilaly applied the words of the Koran to argue against factory pollution of oceans and air, which encroach on nature and harm living things.

Met Police Concedes Forcing Woman To Remove Hijab At Airport Was Wrong

Police have admitted that forcing Muslim women to remove their headscarves at UK airports could be unlawful, a practice likened by one victim to being made “to remove her top”.

Coronavirus Won’t Ruin Ramadan

The month of Ramadan has always been a time for Muslims to reflect on those less fortunate than themselves. As Covid-19 sweeps the globe, it's come at an important time.

Life Of A Cabbie In The Age Of Coronavirus: The Bills Keep Coming

As the coronavirus forced people to stay home and quarantine to help reduce the spread, the cab drivers are facing a work shortage.

NHS Officials Told Me Muslim Households Are Particularly Vulnerable To Coronavirus

Britain’s Muslims are among the hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic according to senior NHS officials. A quarter of British people who have died from the disease caused by the virus have been elderly Muslims.

The US Is Complicit In Saudi Atrocities In Yemen

Five years after the start of the war, the US continues to support a Saudi-led coalition accused of war crimes.

Myanmar And The Rohingya

More than 700 thousand Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar into neighboring Bangladesh. Their villages were torched, civilians attacked, raped and massacred. A pattern of systematic persecution that the UN says is genocide.