Opinion: For Israel And Palestine, Equality In A One-State Solution

"For decades I argued for separation between Israelis and Palestinians. Now, I can imagine a Jewish home in an equal state."

The Muslim Bereaved Cruelly Deprived Of Closure By Coronavirus

Infection risk means families are suffering trauma and guilt by not being able to carry out the Islamic funeral ritual of washing the body.

How will Yemen cope with Covid-19?

The UN says that coronavirus could have deadly consequences for Yemen, but it’s not the only war the country is fighting.

Why Does Israel Want To Annex The West Bank?

Israel is plans to annex parts of that territory – to officially make it part of Israel.

Protests Erupt Over Israel’s Planned Annexation Of Palestinian Territory

Masses of Israeli and Palestinian protesters are taking a stand as Israel moves dangerously close to the illegal annexation of more Palestinian land.

Saudi Arabia Says Hajj Pilgrimage Is On — With Limited Numbers

The kingdom will hold Hajj for a limited number of people from all nationalities living in Saudi Arabia.

Tennessee Newspaper Apologizes For ‘Utterly Indefensible’ Anti-Muslim Ad

The full-page ad, which appeared in Sunday’s editions of The Tennessean and claimed “Islam” would detonate a nuclear device in Nashville, “should have never been published,” the editor said.

Remembering The Great Imam Al Nawawi

A tribute to the great Imam Abu Zakaria Yahya ibn Sharaf al-Nawawi. May Allah have mercy on him and grant him the Highest Station...

US Muslims Urged To Speak Up Against Racism

“My message to the Muslim community is, stop looking at this like it’s an African-American problem. This is a problem of humanity.”

As War And Covid-19 Ravage Yemen, $1.35 Billion In International Aid Isn’t Nearly Enough

Yemen was "already the world's biggest humanitarian crisis after more than five years of conflict."

Can Muslim College Students Heal Divisions In The Us?

Amid rising Islamophobia, Muslim students show greater tendencies towards interfaith goodwill, a recent survey suggests.

‘Muslim Game Of Thrones’ Breaks Viewing Records

The Turkish historical TV drama Dirilis Ertugrul (Ertugrul's Resurrection) has been all the rage in Pakistan since the state broadcaster began airing a dubbed version in April.

US Muslims Join Calls For Police Reforms In Wake Of Floyd Killing

In street protests, statements, sermons and webinars, US Muslims have rallied against racism and discussed reforms.

Home Gardening Plants Seeds For Palestinian Self-Sufficiency

Palestinians are digging in their yards and potting plants on roofs to tackle the economic fallout of the coronavirus crisis.

The National Library Of Israel Will Digitize 2,500 Rare Islamic Manuscripts

The National Library of Israel is set to make more than 2,500 rare manuscripts from its Islam and Middle East Collection freely available online.

How Lives Were Destroyed Under Cover Of Lockdown In A Small Indian Town

The violent onslaught that began at midday of 12 May was the pinnacle of the worst outbreak of religious violence in India since the riots that ripped through north-east Delhi in February and killed over 50 people.

The Portuguese Rediscovering Their Country’s Muslim Past

Historians and archaeologists are showing just how integral Islam is to the country's identity.

OPINION: I Wish I’d Had ‘Ramy’ When I Was A Kid

“Ramy” is a Hulu series starring the comedian Ramy Youssef. Tt’s about a confused Muslim millennial trying to reconcile his Islamic faith, Egyptian traditions while living in New Jersey.

I Hope That My Community Will Speak Out Against Injustices Faced By Black People

As a Black American Muslim woman, I was anxious to learn how my fellow American Muslims would react to the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man who was killed after a white police officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

U.S. Jews Are Standing Up For Black Lives. Why Aren’t We Doing So For Palestinians?

An unarmed autistic Palestinian man, was murdered by Israeli police in Jerusalem the same week.

How George Floyd Was Killed in Police Custody

George Floyd Died After Police Knelt on His Neck During Arrest

Protest Cost Him His Career. Still, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf Urges On The Protesters

Nearly 24 years ago, basketball star Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf knew he had to stand up for his beliefs, even if it was going to cost him his NBA career.

Mosques Across America Dedicate Friday Sermons To Confronting Racism, Police Brutality

On Friday, a wave of mosques will dedicate their Jummah sermons to preaching against anti-black racism and police brutality.