A Group of Muslim Women Cook Meals For Exhausted Australian Firefighters

As bushfires raged around them, the ladies of the Australian Islamic Centre felt compelled to help out their community.

Battered But Resilient After China’s Crackdown

An ancient Muslim town, Yarkand is a cultural cradle for the Uighurs, who have experienced mass detentions.

A Secret Look Inside A Chinese Labor Program For Uighurs

China is relocating Uighurs and other Muslim minorities to urban areas as part of a contentious labor program.

First Woman Muslim Chaplain Commissioned In The Us Military

The U.S. Air Force commissioned its first Muslim woman chaplain candidate last month, marking the first time the U.S. military will have a female chaplain of the Islamic faith.

Grief And Fear In Sacramento Over A Death That Set The World On Edge

The Sacramento region is home to thousands of Muslim immigrants. The death of one of them in Iraq was the spark that brought the United States and Iran to the edge of war.

Seven Things You Should Know About Donald Trump And Iran

The Intercept's Mehdi Hasan says there's seven things you should know about Donald Trump and Iran.

The Autobiography Of Omar Ibn Said

How The Autobiography Of A Muslim Slave Is Challenging An American Narrative

‘Muslim’ Is Not An Insult

President Donald Trump circulated a fake image on Monday depicting congressional Democrats’ top-ranked leaders in traditional Muslim attire in front of the Iranian flag, drawing criticism that he was promoting Islamophobic tropes.

Muslims Were Banned From the Americas as Early as the 16th Century

Long before today’s anxiety about terror attacks, Spain and England feared that enslaved Africans would be more susceptible to revolt if they were Muslim.

How White Nationalists Are Inspired By The Bosnia Genocide

In order to understand the ideology of the emerging far right, it’s important to look at what actually happened in Bosnia.

A Brief History Of Muslims In America

The Secret History of Muslims in the U.S

Royal Derby Hospital: Disposable Sterile Hijabs Introduced

A hospital trust believes it is the first in the UK to introduce disposable sterile headscarves for staff to use in operating theatres.

Is The Us Government Unfairly Spying On Muslim Americans?

Newly released documentary 'The Feeling of Being Watched' looks at government surveillance of Muslim Americans.

‘Blindsided by the beauty’: architects struggle to save Cairo’s historic heart

Alaa al-Habashi was looking for ingredients for a Ramadan feast when he stumbled on an Ottoman-era mansion being used as a slaughterhouse and butcher's...

Our Brothers Who Have Transgressed Against Us

Squabbles, online or offline, does not need to damage the brotherhood and sisterhood, Imam Omar Suleiman reminds us.

Rohingya Crisis Continues 2 Years After Myanmar Atrocities

It was exactly two years ago today, on August 25 2017, that the Myanmar military launched a murderous “clearance operation” in Rakhine State.

Mike Pompeo Has Extreme Views On Muslims — And Liberals Don’t Seem To Care

There are well-documented instances of Mike Pompeo's bigotry and extreme views towards Islam and Muslims.

Inside The Kashmir

Inside the Kashmir That India Doesn’t Want the World to See

Why Democratic Presidential Candidates Need To Listen To American Muslims

Muslim American activist Linda Sarsour reduced the 2020 elections to two things. Is that it?

Muslims Raise Over $100,000 In Bail Funds To Free Detained Migrant Parents

American Muslims have raised over $100,000 this month to help migrant parents detained by the U.S. government post bail and reunite with their kids.

Arab Leaders Fully Support India’s Settler-Colonial Project In Kashmir

It has been more than two weeks since India issued a decree that stripped Kashmir of its semi-autonomous status, and the region remains under lockdown.

Why Aren’t Rohingya Muslims Going Back to Myanmar?

Rohingya Muslims are suppose to be going back to Myanmar. Why are they not?

The Political Impotence Of The Muslim American Community

Today prominent Muslim American figures and organisations stifle the spirit of political resistance in our community.