How Hindu Supremacists Are Tearing India Apart

Narendra Modi’s BJP is remaking India into one where some people count as more Indian than others.

Bernie Sanders Says He Will Skip AIPAC Conference

Leading Democratic presidential candidate says pro-Israel group provides platform for 'bigotry'

Why These Veterans Are Demanding An End To War In Afghanistan

These veterans, who served in Afghanistan or were part of the support apparatus for the Afghan war, say the United States should withdraw all troops from Afghanistan.

What We, The Taliban, Want

I am convinced that the killing and the maiming must stop, the deputy leader of the Taliban writes.

Malcolm X Is Still Misunderstood

Fifty-five years after his assassination at the Audubon Ballroom in New York, we still get much wrong about Malcolm X.

Ryanair Boss Calls For Extra Checks On Muslim Men At Airports

Michael O'Leary says Muslim men should be profiled at airports as 'bombers' will 'generally be of a Muslim persuasion'.

Family Has Driven 5,000 People To The Hospital For Free

Karimul Haque has safely transported over 5,000 people to the hospital in the last 19 years—all free of charge.

Who Killed Malcolm X?

For more than half a century, scholars have maintained that prosecutors convicted the wrong men in the assassination of Malcolm X.

Brother Of Chapel Hill Victim Continues His Legacy

It's been five years since the Chapel Hill shooting, when three Muslim college students were killed. The brother of one of the victims talk about continuing their enduring legacy.

Huawei Is A Key Player In Beijing’s Anti-Muslim, Big Brother Horrors

What you may not know about is Chinese tech giant Huawei’s role in the largest detention of an ethnic and religious minority since World War II.

Sanders Wins Backing Of Top Muslim Political Group

Emgage PAC, which calls itself the biggest Muslim political action committee in the country, is throwing its weight behind Bernie Sanders.

Macron Vows To Tackle ‘Political Islam’

President promises to end practice allowing foreign imams to teach French Muslims, saying Turkey is yet to accept rules.

Will Bloomberg Apologize to Muslims for Spying on Them?

Michael Bloomberg oversaw the mass warrantless, suspicionless surveillance of Muslim New Yorkers, as the New York Police Department “mapped” where they prayed, ate, studied, and worked.

How China Tracked Detainees And Their Families

A leaked government document shows how people were monitored and selected for internment camps in Xinjiang.

Inside China’s Crackdown On Muslim Uighurs

More than a million Muslims have been arbitrarily detained in China’s Xinjiang Province. The reeducation camps are just one part of the government’s crackdown on Uighurs.

Gazans Delight In Locally Produced Sweets

In the shadow of rockets and the Islamist movement Hamas, Gazan chocolate factories produce sweet goods banned from export.

A Priest’s Anti-Muslim Comments Reveal US Catholics’ Islamophobia Problem

Calling Islam “the greatest threat” to Christianity and to America, the Rev. Nick VanDenBroeke argued that Muslim immigration to the United States should be curtailed.

This All-Muslim Girls High School Basketball Team Is Crushing It On The Court

Hear that swish? That’s the Salam Stars crushing it on the court. The all-female varsity basketball team is made up of Muslim students from the Salam School, an Islamic school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

‘We Want Our Voices Heard’: Muslims In Maryland Showcase The Power Of Door-To-Door Lobbying

Muslims from across Maryland converged on the state capital and found some lawmakers willing to listen

The Hidden Gem In Upstate New York Serving Global Cuisine

The story of this restaurant is one of leaving biases at the door. Hasan and Erdem, who own the restaurant, have stayed true to their ethos despite past conflicts with some in their small pastoral town.

By Targeting Africans, Trump’s Muslim Ban Is Even More Racist

Advocates say it’s no coincidence these nations were targeted, especially in light of Trump’s comments about Africans.

Peterborough Muslim Women’s Cycling Group ‘Great For Socialising’

A group of Muslim women who set up their own cycling group are on a mission to get more females from minority backgrounds on their bikes.

Does The President Believe The Religious Liberty Of All Citizens Of The US Deserves Protection?

To an imam and a rabbi, the State of the Union address Tuesday night was not reassuring.